How IELTS Writing Task 1 Is Scored?

One third or just over 33% of the writing total score in the IELTS writing comes from Task 1. This score comes from a variety of task types namely diagrams, graphs, charts, maps, tables, and plans. Any of these or can be a combination is to be expected by the candidate when he or she takes the test. So, here below is the breakdown of the criteria, equally weighted, on which the final band score is awarded. 

Task Achievement – 25 %

This will be examined against the tasks clearly stated in the topic such as selecting and summarizing main features, making comparisons, and so on. The number of words which is at least 150, is vital to earn a good score. Lastly, all the parts of the writing task must be distinctively written as well as there should be a clear overview. 

Coherence and Cohesion – 25 %

Another quarter of the total writing task 1 is scored based on how information is logically arranged with a clear overall progression. The use of suitable cohesive devices is very crucial in writing the selected details from the graphic representations. 

Lexical Resource – 25 %

An adequate range of vocabulary must be used. Less common words and collocations may be indicative of being awarded with a good score. Having fewer errors in the choice of words, collocations, word reformation, and spelling must be aimed by the candidate to receive competent marking. 

Grammatical Range and Accuracy – 25 %

Grammar may include subject and verb agreement, tenses, word formation, punctuation marks, and capitalization. Range refers to composing simple, compound, and complex sentences. For both grammar and range, having no error; or few and minor errors may be awarded with a high band score. 

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