Why is IELTS Important?

Over 3,500,000 candidates take the IELTS Test annually all over the world. Why is such a huge number of test takers? Is it really important? Here below are the major reasons why IELTS is important, if not VERY important. 

First and foremost, it is an official record to show somebody’s English competency. As an official record, it can then be used for both education and immigration purposes. Secondly, it is accepted by thousands of universities in more that 140 countries all over the world. Nowadays, students who wish to pursue higher education in English speaking countries such as Australia, the USA, the UK, Canada and others require IELTS. In fact, it is one of the pre-requisites when applying to study overseas. 

In terms of working or immigrating, IELTS is still a requirement however, it is the General Training that these group of people should take. Unlike the Academic which is for education, General Test tests the ability of the test taker to assimilate the daily social and work life in an English-speaking environment. Not only temporary workers need the General IELTS Test but also people who wish to migrate permanently and when it is time to apply for citizenship, a person who wish to apply for citizenship in an English-speaking country is often required to submit a competent General Training (GT) test score.

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