About Us


HESED Advanced English Center, or Hesed AEC, was originally conceptualized to meet the growing demands of both the academic and corporate worlds. In terms of IELTS, HESED Advanced English Center is aware of the fact that there is a pressing demand for students who wish to study in an International school or to those who are desiring to study overseas not to mention secondary students who desire to have a good placement in high school. HESED Advanced English Center have created effective methodologies meet these demands. 

Since globalization has been welcomed and embraced, HESED Advanced English Center also recognizes the young learners’ needs to be honed and prepared in their English competency at an earlier stage that is why suitable courses were designed to complement and further sharpen the learners’ skills to prepare them in whatever endeavor they might be taking in the future.

Hesed AEC aims to guarantee and continuously adapt and improve its quality and strategy so that all clients who come and study will be able to achieve their optimum in the official IELTS Examination. 


Our Mission

Help students achieve their optimum learning capacity by providing a professional friendly environment and quality education by delivering up-to-date and effective teaching methodologies through well-educated, well-seasoned and well experienced teachers from different countries.

Our Vision

HESED Advanced English Center aims to be one of the leading English centers and to be an agent of change by delivering timely, quality and effective IELTS programs and courses.

Our teachers

Hesed AEC’s teachers possess good pedagogical qualifications plus with years of experience in teaching IELTS and other English related courses. On top of those qualifications, these certified teachers come with proper TEFL and TESOL training. Their goal is to help and assist students improve their band scores in the shortest time possible. 

Our team

Hesed AEC’s team are composed of professionals who are dedicated to support each student’s study journey as much as possible arranging suitable levels, classes and schedules and are ready to assist whenever needs arise.

Small class model

At Hesed AEC, we want to guarantee that each student will be able reach their desired score and one of the major factors that we considered is the creation of small classes optimize teaching-learning process. This small class model gives chances for all students to be coached and trained as well as to participate with ample time while in the class. 

IELTS Express classes

1-on-1 and 1-on-2 classes are also available for Intensive training and in a short amount of time. Here, students are assessed and then after that a curriculum will be tailored to fit their weaknesses in any of the 4 skills. Schedules are basically based on the student’s availability which can be 2 times, 3 times or more for each week. The duration for each class is also adjustable. It can be 1.5 hours, 2.0 hours or more per session. This strategic program has proven to be 99% effective with the previous clients Hesed AEC had already served.

Specialized courses

These courses are specific for specific purpose. These courses can be taken for different purpose most especially for people who know which skill or skills that they need to improve. These give option to students who have very high competence on other skills but not with the other. Basically, the number of hours is shorter so it can also be chosen by people who are quite busy but still recognize the need to improve specific skill or skills.

Writing & Reading

These non-verbal English skills are taken into one for the purpose of improving the learner’s ability to recognize the written words as a result, after the course, the student is expected to increase his speed and understanding in the written text. Hand-in-hand with reading is the writing skill. Students are guided on how to get a good score in writing. This includes tips, exercises, and approaches from proven authentic materials.

1-on-1 & 1-on-2 Courses

HESED Advance English Center recognizes that not all students or clients can study with the same frequency and duration because of the nature of their work.  Furthermore, there are some students who need an intensive, quick, and personalized study due to different reasons. To cater these unique demands, HESED Advanced English Center also offers a 1-ON-1 and 1-ON-2 classes on any course of his or her choice (e.g. whole IELTS course, Listening only, Writing only, Speaking only, Business English).